10 Places in Delhi to Go on a Perfect Date with Someone Special

Delhi is such a place which offers something or the other to everyone. Whether you are looking places to try adventurous activities and fun or a place to spend some spare time with the beloved person of your life, you can find everything in the adobe of this interestingly beautiful place. Adorned with exotically appealing ambience and ample number of exciting places, you can make your date with your partner worthwhile. Without spending much and going any far, you can have all the fun and moment that you want in the capital only. 

As the going for movies and mall have been overrated, we, tripduniya.com will help you with the jotted down list of 10 most incredibly beautiful places to go near Delhi to have the refreshing date that you ever wanted. With these fresh venue possibilities, you will certainly reach for your phone to call your partner and plan a date right now.

Connaught Place

Connaught Place

The first place that comes in our mind to go on a date with your special one, is Connaught place. Architectural marble work, lush greenery area, open sitting places and great restaurants give perfect ambience for a perfect date. You can also grab some eateries and have it while roaming around there.

You will get enough private time with your partner to engage in some private talk.

Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village

The charismatic fort like charm of Hauz Khas and picturesque view of lake is all you need to get a cosy and romantic evening with your loved one.

Apart from that, the mystic deer park and beautiful green view and rooftop cafes will make your day with your date. Other than that, there are ample number of rooftop café houses and restaurants where you can just and relax yourself while having some pungent delicious delicacies and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Hauz Khas Lake at a distance.

Garden of Five Senses

Garden of Five Senses

As soon as you have the idea about going on a date with our partner, the first and foremost place that must have probably crossed your mind is certainly Garden of Five Senses. Fascinating paths through the gardens enclosed by beautiful aroma of flowers and abundant natural beauty will undoubtedly stimulate the romance in you.

The restaurant Fio is the best place where you can take your first take make him or her absolute mesmerized. When it comes to food, you will certainly love the pungent food offered here. Other than that, the candle lit dinner at Magique will cast a spell of romance in both of you.

Rose Café in Saket  

Rose Café in Saket

Though the locality of this café is slightly off beat and boring, but the delightful and cheerful ambience of the Rose Café in Saket is an absolute bliss for those who want to take their partner in a perfect date. Decor with Victorian interiors, this quite romantic place will magnify the mystical charm between you.

Delhi Eye, Kalindi Kunj

Delhi Eye

Is your partner an Adrenaline Junk? Then there is nothing better than watching the entire city from the fascinating height of the Delhi Eye at Kalindi Kunj. The mad rush of the city running beneath you while you are relaxing at a perfect pace will surely provide you a perfect date experience.

The Garden Restaurant, Lodhi Garden 

The Garden Restaurant

Beautiful seating with green canopy and lush green scenic surrounding, The Garden Restaurant of Lodhi Garden is a perfect destination to take your partner out on a date. One of Delhi’s best alfresco restaurant, there you will have certainly different type of experience with your partner seating beside you. Certainly better than going on a road trip near Delhi.

Sky Lounge, Connaught Place

Sky Lounge

Want to take your date on heights? The Sky Lounge of Connaught Place is unarguably the place surrounded by beautiful city lights and led lit furniture. This swanky place with deliciously mouth-watering delicacies in your table is the utmost feeling you can expect in your date.

Ice Lounge, Saket

Ice Lounge

Whether it be winter or the scorching heat of the summer, Ice Lounge is definitely the place you can warm the hearts of lover in freezing temperature. You can also have drinks and different variety of cuisines here.

Ridge Road, North Campus

Ridge Road

In this bustling over crowded city, there are very place where you can quietness and peace. The ridge road of Delhi’s north campus is truly the place with deserted roads. In this road you can take a romantic walk with your loved ones and also can explore the several monuments like the Mutiny Memorial and the Baoli near Pir Ghaib nested nearby.

Pataudi Palace

Pataudi Palace

A bit royal date though. So what you date has every right to feel special and Pataudi Palace 60 km from Delhi is the place where you can have that. With the platter of Royal food and cuisine, this place is certainly worth it.