7 Extraordinary Phenomenal Things Show Bali is More Than Just Fun

Whenever we talk about Bali, the first image that comes in our mind is its enthralling and magnificent beauty. Bali is a place that captures our mind and pleases our eyes in its first appeal. But as you explore, you will get to discover, Bali is not all about captivating beauty and charm. The warm embracing hospitality mixed with beguiling elegance create a jaw dropping sight. Apart from the fancy exotic temples and stunning palaces, there are plethora number of things to do in Bali that altogether will create a crazy and exceptionally adventurous weekend.

This tropical paradise of South-East Asia not only mesmerize you through its tempting beauty but also create you holidays as fun and adventurous with its crazy side as you hardly have imagined. The bucket of list that you actually can do in Bali is so vast starting from fascinating culture to a penchant for harbour, one surely get to witness number of strange things while being in Bali.

Here is the complete list of the craziest things that you can actually have in the Tropical Paradise of South-East Asia. So be geared up to explore some of the strangest things that you only can find in Bali.

Aah! Spa, Enchanting Sight and luxury Altogether

Enchanting Sight

Have you ever dreamed of a Spa surrounded by complete spell-binding natural beauty and grandeur? In Bali, you will have the most relaxing and refreshing Spa experience in the world beyond your imagination. Stretched out beautifully beneath the thatched roof of the open air, La Joya is one the most splendid Spa in Jimbaran that will make your both body and mind get intimated with the coastal splendour and glory of Jimbaran.

If this is not enough, Tjampuhan Spa may be your ultimate Spa destination to enjoy most relishing mystical Spa experience and the healing properties of water. Here in Tjampuhan Spa, you can also experience an extra-ordinary hot and cold spring water Jacuzzi created inside an elaborately carved mythical stone cavern.

And other than that, one of Ubud’s most unique offering, here in this Spa you will also get pampered by the surrounding elephants at Elephant Safari Park Lodge allowing a tantalizing glimpse of these giant beasts while having an open Spa Treatment. 

Out of the World: Hotel Experience That is Hard to Find Anywhere Else

Out of the World

Tired of staying in the conventional hotel rooms while travelling? Thanks to Bali, you do not have to bear that stress anymore. Imagine any types of accommodation that you want and Bali will have that in your hand ready. In Bali, there are every type of accommodation option, anything seems possible available that you can ever imagine.

From budget hotels to marvellous villas and weird themed hotels, Bali has everything in the weirdest way possible to make you stays at Bali a memorable and enjoyable one.

Mara Safari Lodge for those who are willing to spend their holidays surrounded by gigantic animals is an ultimate place to stay. If you are more like a fish person, there are ample number of incredible water villas in Bali such as Bambu Indah, Villa Seminyak, and Villa Laksamana which are perfect for stays.

For nature lovers and environmentalist Sharma Spring Bamboo House provides utmost security and comfort in the lap of Mother Nature. There are also plethora number of futuristic and camp like hotels which never lacks in providing the ultimate comfort that you ever wanted. 

Unique and Unimaginable Dining Experience

Unique and Unimaginable Dining Experience

Bali is certainly the most heavenly place in terms of beauty and elegance, but how weird it can be, you won’t believe until and unless visit these unique eating places and restaurants. Starting from fairy-tale to having dinner atop of a live volcano, you will equally be mesmerised by the food as well as by the beguiling architecture and splendid nature.

In Bali, you will get every themed restaurant you can ever imagine. You name it and you will certainly find that particular restaurant while in Bali. You will neither be hungry nor be bored by the weirdness of Bali. One can have dinner with monstrous creatures in Frankenstein’s Laboratory where as dining with the king of the jungle in the Bali Safari and Marine Park’s Tsavo Lion Restaurant on prior reservation.

If you are a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow, the Pirate Bay is the perfect place to enjoy the life of a pirate.

Dining at the live Volcano. Yes you heard it right. What can be more heart stopping than this? Located on the edge of the Mount Batur, an active volcano, the Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant is such a place where you can get indulge with the gorgeous scenery of the beautiful crater-lake Lake Batur.  

If you are looking for some quite some place where you can enjoy some of your time with yourself escaping from the civilization, then the Pomegranate and Sardine are the two of Bali’s most unique dining places where you can just do that. Located in the middle of the paddy fields with a fresh touch of nature. Undoubtedly a perfect au-natural experience!!

Devdan Show- A Theatrical Tribute 

Devdan Show

There are certainly ample number of reason that makes one of the most lovable place to sneak out amongst the top touristy place of Indonesia. There is nothing that you cannot do and cannot get while in Bali. The quirkiest activities of Bali will keep you engaged and busy throughout your journey.

If you want to have a tribute of the Theatre of Indonesia, Devdan show is something that you must watch. A beautiful and unique amalgamation of Dance and artistic work, this show is certainly one of the beautiful thing you will discover in Bali.  One of this kind, in this twisted dance show modern and traditional elements are merged together to create an awe-inspiring 90 minute dance and theatrical tribute to Indonesia. Colourful and mystic, in this theatrical tribute to Indonesia, stories are described through physical gesture and expressions.

Have some Theme Park in Bali

Theme Park in Bali

Go beyond crazy with the extreme water slides like the snake-themed Constrictor to gentle lazy rivers. Waterbom in Bali is such place where you must head for once while being in Bali. You will become a theme park fan after being there.

Have a safari experience with an overwhelming difference. Bali Safari and Marine Park is such place where you can roam around the almost 60 species of wild animals, exciting animal and cultural shows. You can also enjoy night safari available here to watch the real and natural life of these wild animals in natural habitats. One can also watch Komodo Dragons while enjoying traditional Balinese fire-dancing show, and a delicious BBQ in the N’kuchiro Bar & Grill.

Best Infinity Pools in the World

Best Infinity Pools

Many of you may have heard about the infinity pools in Bali and experience those are just out of the world feeling. One of the best pools in the world, these infinity pools will lure you and make you a day dreamer. Situated almost on the edge, you will almost feel like lying on the clouds. Munduk Moding Plantation’s “pool among the clouds” is the perfect site to feel this.

The other two infinity pools at Alila Ubud and the Hanging Gardens Ubud situated within the mountain greenery, floating above a river valley and dense forest are the two most must try ones while being in Bali. Other than that, to enjoy the boundless view of the ocean, you must try Alila Uluwatu.

Chill Out at Hidden Beaches

Chill Out at Hidden Beaches

Bali is an island mostly known for its sandy pristine beaches and beach life activities. But in Bali, there are some hidden beaches untouched by the man kind that will give you a worthwhile reason to visit this place again and again. So explore and discover the hidden beauty and have some time complete solitude.