These 8 Festivals of Shanghai, You Should Witness Once in a Lifetime

The symbol of China’s meteoric rise in the modern world, Shanghai stands as a crucial worldwide financial centre and also the busiest container among all. Not only that but also Shanghai is a place of great cultural and historical significance which is almost about 2000 years old which attracts history freaks around the globe in large numbers. Shanghai is an exemplary amalgamation of modernity and traditionalistic flavours embracing access to both of them to grow simultaneously. Whereas the Shanghai Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Centre, and the Jin Mao Tower show the excessive meteoric rise in the modern world, on the other hand, Shanghai warmly embrace the Lunghua Temple, the City God Temple and the Bund which are the symbol of culture and rich traditional background.

Aptly Shanghai is a place of beautiful cultural fusion and evolved around its roots. Ancients temples besides spectacular modern buildings, Shanghai undoubtedly utters breath-taking fusion of ancient progress of values besides uninterrupted grows of modernity. Shanghai is unreasonably world’s top most cities and a beautiful place to experience once in a lifetime. Amongst the top visiting places of China, Shanghai is one of the very place which embraces Chinese festivals and events in wide range. Being one of the most predominant cities China, both the western and traditional festivals are celebrated here hand to hand.

Here is the list of the traditional and cultural festivals of Shanghai that unites this city and creates an enthralling sight that you must regret if not visited once in a lifetime. Plan you trip as per the festivals to be there at least for one to experience its beauty.

Chinese New Year in February

Chinese New Year

One of the most important and prominent traditional celebration celebrated in whole China including Shanghai, Chinese New Year is the main festival of China. Celebrated as per the Chinese Zodiac signs as per the different animal characters, Chinese New Year is celebrated in wide range for 5 days when most of the shops and offices remain close to be a part of the massive celebration.

This is the time when the entire city lights up in bright lights and vibrant colours and create an awe-inspiring sight to awe. During the Chinese New Year, you can also try different flavours and different types of local Chinese foods, most importantly, Jiaozi, a type of Chinese dumpling.

Longhua, Jing’An and Yu Gardens are some places where traditional lantern parade are held on several days in the evening and the first day of this huge festival is inaugurated with massive vibrant fireworks that holds a sight worth watching. 

National Day Holiday in October

National Day Holiday

The Golden Week of Shanghai, National Day Holiday of China is the official date for celebration. The famous firework display are also held in this time on the Bund, one of the famous touristy destination of Shanghai. One can also indulge in pungent local food and live music sprinkled across the city. Other than that, some of the famous bar and restaurants hold National Day specials and theme parties where everyone can take part of.

At the Shanghai Oriental Art Centre, the National Holiday Brunch and concert are being organized to commemorate the spirit of the festival where large conglomeration took part to celebrate this magnificent festival.  Other than that, a full day public facing celebration are also assembled by the Government availing a great opportunity for all to be a part of this Chinese Grand celebration.

Being the Financial Hub of China, Shanghai sees large gathering of crowd coming across the world making it hard for one to traverse inside the city. It is advisable to plan your trip to Shanghai in advance for hassle free travel.

Music Festival

Music Festival

Being an emerging vibrant venue for some high profile international music fest, there are so many International and National Music festivals that have been held here inviting tourists to have a glimpse of these great Music Festival of Shanghai. The Music Festivals here embrace plethora number of Music concerts and fest including Hip Hop, Rock, EDM, Jazz and lots of Indie music.

Other than that, the Strawberry Festival Concrete and Grass which was previously called Echo Park MIDI. There are other couple of Music Festivals which assembles different genres of music, performers and fans making it a magnificent one. These 2-3 days festivals can be a treat to your overall trip to China making it a memorable one.

International Tea Festivals

International Tea Festivals

Are you a Tea fan? Then you should visit Shanghai during the International Tea Festivals. A grand event started in the early nineties invites thousands of tourists along with the tea lovers and traders to have knowledge about this medicinal drink. Different types of teas and tea dressing can be seen here. Songyuan Teahouse, the birth place of Tea festival, is the ideal destination to experience the beauty and elegance of this festival.

Other than that, various mouth-watering pungent dishes are also served with Teas prepared by experts. Several performances and operas based on the Tea Festivals are also organized here making it a grand celebration.

Peach Blossom Festival

Peach Blossom Festival

Attracting ample number of tourists, Shanghai is widely acclaimed for its beautiful Spring Blossom Festival. The seasonal peach blossoms get more and more impressive each year. In Shanghai, there are plethora number of small and large parks full of peach trees which are enthralled with beautiful peach flowers during the season of spring. Shanghai Botanical Gardens, Chenshan Botanical Gardens, Century Park are some of the ideal places to witness this incredible festival.

At Nanhui Peach Blossom Village, the biggest Peach Blossom festival is held making your trip to China worthwhile.

Longhua Temple Fair

The oldest and most interesting traditional festival of Shanghai organized in the premises of the Longhua Temple, the oldest and most spiritually famous temple of Shanghai in the month of April. This 400 years tradition or customs are filled with vibrant performances like folklore, traditional dances, blessing rituals. Dressing up in traditional costumes, the people of Shanghai conglomerate in the premise to be a part of this massive celebration.

Other than that, the mouth-watering luscious delicacies are must try one for traditional souvenirs. While being a part of this celebration, you can also enjoy the peach blossom festival held at a proximity from here.


In the passing years, like other festivals of Shanghai, Christmas has become one of the most celebrated and huge celebration organized in Shanghai. This western festival is being embraced by Shanghainese in a large scale. Christkindlmarkt, is the market that rises up during the Christmas time with vibrant range of shops and eating joints.

F1 Grand Prix

And the last but not the least, the Shanghai grand prix festival at the International Circuit is a must place to visit in Shanghai, if you are a big F1 racing fan. You can see celebrities participating on this during this festival.