Tourist Places near London

Best Places to Visit near London

One of the world’s oldest and fascinating cities still carrying the Roman flavours and cultures in its heart, London, the land of Shakespeare, is such a place that one must visit in his lifetime to experience the royal heritage and beauty lying underneath its modernity. In spite of the being the smallest city of England, London is called capital for a reason. This city is an exemplary landmark of modern renaissance.

Holding 2000 years old fascinating history underneath its outer modernity and charm, London has flawlessly embraced the arts and cultures and bold innovations to grow in a unique way. The old colonial styled building still narrates the never ending history of royal history of London. The passionate to accept the modern cultures and innovation as its own magnifies the beauty of this place. London is the adobe of reaching a milestone in theatrical innovation, soulful music, Shakespearian poetry and contemporary art. This multi-cultural city holds an overwhelming grandeur that makes it great touristy hub.

Places to See in London

Warner Bro’s Studio Tour

Studio Tour LondonIf you are a true Harry Potter fan, one place that you must visit is to Warner Bro’s Studio which offers an exciting real experience of the Harry Potter’s world. This studio will make you explore the mysterious magical behind the scene sets. This studio actually take you to the Dumbledore’s office and make you discover the unseen treasures which is hidden inside it.
Grand Great Hall, life-sized models and creatures and iconic props used in the film by those great actors. As a whole, Warner Bro’s Studio is best to rediscover the magical charm of the film and living in a moment to experience that magic of the Harry potter’s films.

The London Eye

A symbolic landmark that makes every tourists who come to witness it to go awe in complete amusement, London Eye is the heart of London rotating gracefully near the holy river of London, the Thames River. World’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel, the London Eye stands as a symbol of celebrating the millennium. A trip to London would be incomplete, if not visited the iconic most awe-inspiring beauty of this city. One can witness the breath-taking 360 degree view of the entire city and fascinating changing colours of River Thames from the highest point of the London eye.Other than that, at night, the wheel of the eye is brightened up with seasonal colours creating a captivating sight worth remembering. During annual New Year celebration, a large crowd gathered near the spacious spot for fireworks.

Madame Tussauds London

Madame Tussauds LondonOne of the major tourists’ attraction in London, Madame Tussauds houses many eminent personalities covering all the respective fields. The adobe of all the incredible glitz, glamour and interesting history covers more than 300 stunningly beautiful wax statues. This wax museum is different from its other branches as in this museum one can participate lively in the events.
From walking down the red carpets to clicking selfie with movie stars, famous sports and political figures like Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Depp, and David Beckham, a person has much more things to experience inside this museum. Other than that, one can also take a sneak peek of the Queen of London, her majesty and Will and Kate. Tourists also can experience the authentic walk in set derived from films and events. Over all, this museum will be a worth place to visit.

Sea life London Aquarium

Sea life London AquariumYou are in London and looking for a place where you can spent a couple of hours in observing the life of the marine creatures, Sea life London Aquarium is the ideal place that will provide you exactly that what you are looking for. A breath-taking journey from the coastline to the depth of the ocean, this place is filled with exotic unseen sea creatures which will undoubtedly give you a life changing experience.
Filled with thousands of sea creatures, in this marine life aquarium, one can spot large rays, rare green sea turtles and other rare creatures swimming majestically over your head. One can also encounter the live sharks and in the Shark Reef Encounter display. This aquarium is going to be a fascinating walk inside the depth of the ocean.

HM Tower of London

HM Tower of London, EnglandThe Symbol of torture and deaths, HM tower of London is a landmark of horrifying history with grim reputation. Now turned into as a structure for public display, this tower used be a royal palace with powerful fortress. The former adobe of the strong powerful beasts and animals, this is the first place in London to be transformed into a Zoo.This place is also best in bringing out the actual royal British flavours and in defining the glorious and horrifying facts of past eras. Tower’s raven, battle swords, armours make this place out of the league.

Buckingham Palace and the Changing of Guards

Buckingham Palace and the Changing of GuardsThe most iconic and royal building of all time in entire Britain is unreasonably the Buckingham palace. The residence of London’s most royal family and the Queen, the highness herself, this intricate beautiful palace will be a spell-binding treat to your monarchical desires. The other most significant feature of this palace that draws not only the tourist’s attraction but the nation’s attraction is the Changing of the Guards.
The iconic colourful and athletic free display of the marching of the guards will leave no stone unturned to make you awe in inspiration. With proper guidance, the guard ceremony will acknowledge you with many unknown and unseen stories that is hidden inside the Palace walls.


The adobe of all the political activity and the most prestigious British Parliament and the iconic worldwide famous Big Ben, Westminster is considered to be one of the most significant and important political and touristy hub. The conventional clock tower with the world’s highest clock bell which chimes in every hour is the heart of London and one of the most sought destination among tourists.Other than that, Parliament Square is the landmark and symbol of holding many political events and figure like Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill.

The BFI (British Film Institute)

The BFI (British Film Institute)One of the most desired and happening place among the Film Lovers and want to spend a complete day in the lap of the culture and filmy atmosphere of the diverse parts of the countries, The British Film Institute is the place that you most probably looking for. This place is an ideal place for tourists who are fascinated about movies and film. There are libraries and shops where you can sit and relax and catch a complete glimpse of the cinema industry. The BFI also holds screening of blockbuster and cult classic movies of all time every day on a particular time. This place is best to indulge a part of your side that is fond of movies.

Baker Street

Baker Street LondonWe all in one point of life have heard and imagined this place through the narration of the famous thriller and detective story writer Arthur Conan Doyle. In his every Sherlock Holmes series, he has mentioned about Baker Street, the cultural staples of London, in such a fascinating way that it makes every tourist coming to London visit this place once. The famous wax museum is also nested at a proximity from this place. Baker Street is best for spending a day in the fancy world of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

The Fascinating View from Shard

The Fascinating View from ShardThe Shard in London is one of the very place which will give you the feeling of being in one of the oldest and modernized city in the world. The high skyline building and beautiful Thames River freely flowing inside the city will take your breath away and give you a memorable picturous moment while in London. The shard is the tallest building in entire London with spectacular views of London.Designed by master architect Renzo Piano, this dynamic symbol of London sets an all new skyline goals and provides the view of the entire city at one glance.

Cuisines to Try

London is not only the place which is appreciated for its unique lifestyle and intricate architecture and intricate beauty, but also is a place which is desired by the tourists because of its unique cuisines and preparations. London has so much pungent things to offer that surely will going to make you lick its wrapper. Diversity mixed with culture and tradition is the speciality of London which can only be found in London. London has its own way of presenting and preparing any dish which makes tourists crave for more. Some of the restaurants in London also provides an atmosphere which shows the beauteous side of the culture and heritage followed from an era.

On the other hand, London has opened its arms to other cultural cuisines from around the world which is why an ample variety of foods and cultural dishes can be found here with a bit touch of the London’s British flavours. London’s bucket is so full of diverse dishes that it will take one’s lifetime to try it all. Some of the famous dishes of London which one must not forget to try are Duck and Waffle, Custard Donut, Crab Donuts, Beef Ribs and Bone Marrow Mash, the Crodough and many more.

Other than that, London is also very famous for its indulgent desserts, streak, buns, and lamb brains. Undoubtedly, London will never cease to impress you with its large variety of mouth-watering delicious lip smacking cuisines.    

Accommodation to Stay in London

Being one of the hottest and desired tourist destination, London never lacks at providing an exciting exemplary range of accommodation option. There are numerous luxurious grand hotel with will make you feel royal while providing all sorts of comforts and facilities. Besides there are an exotic variety of budget hotels and comfortable accommodation option that will make one feel at home.

Other than university accommodations are also an ideal option to live London in the most convenient and affordable way. One can also get comfortable rooms and stayover in modern cultural residence in a most cost effective alternative.

Commuting to London

Being one of the oldest and fastest growing metropolitan cities, London is entirely connected through subways. The most disciplined and convenient way of commuting inside London is undoubtedly the subway trains and metro. It will save your time and you can easily your saved time visiting other place.

 Other than that, hop on the buses are the other most interesting and exciting thing to try in London. Hopping on the top of the bus, one can have the beautiful view of the city while roaming around the places. There are other commuting options also available here which will provide you the best experiences of London.