Top Tourist Places near Manchester

Places to Visit in Manchester

One of the paramount cities in Central United Kingdom, Manchester is a city with great historical and cultural significance. From playing an indispensable role during the Industrial Revolution, Manchester has emerged as a vibrant city embraced by thousands of tourists all around the year. In the heart of the Central Manchester, this city has earned the most prosperous cities of England status since time immemorial. The impact of the historical scenario with large magnificent industries mixed with traditional British Culture and tradition, Manchester is truly a place worth appreciating. In the heart of the Manchester, a sense of royalty and nerve-wrecking excitement can be felt. The hippy music and world famous football clubs are the two most supreme reason’s for tourists to visit this place. For every football lovers, this place is paradise.
Not only has that, but also since 19th century, this city erupted wealth and development from its charming and beauteous outlook. Now a days, Manchester has earned recognition as one of the liveliest and adventuresome cities of England gasping into vibrant culture and major attraction sights. The ancient yet futuristic elegance of the city invites tourist in large number to praise the hidden breath-taking beauty.

Places to See in Manchester

Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and IndustryOne of the most genuine and fascinating museum in the field of Industrial innovations and scientific inventions, the Museum of Science and Industry is an accurate place to discover the rich and luxuriant legacy of Manchester. This museum has a lot more things to offer for everyone whether you are a museum enthusiasts or not. Placed amidst in the remnants of the world’s oldest passenger railway station, this museum shows the eternal connection between the men and the world of science and industry.
While being here, one can closely observe the first steam powered mill and the first micro-computer. This museum has something or the other for all irrespective of age and sex. People love to be part of this beautiful fascinating exhibition of science and industry. Other than that, one can witness the large collection of vintage vehicles along with historical machinery.


Castlefield in ManchesterThe first Urban Heritage Park of Great Britain, Castlefield is considered to be one of the most important and valuable fort cum museum with numerous canals and railways viaducts.
Located at the end of Deansgate in Manchester, this urban heritage city park is most probably the Roman with large number of Roman dilapidations spread all over the place. Those historic ruins fascinates tourists and make them indulge with the ruination. This conventional heritage park is termed as the original heritage park besides being the industrial heart of the city. While being in Manchester, you must not forget to witness this major attraction offering a rare stretch of open land amidst the city centre.

People's History Museum

People's History Museum ManchesterThe house of Britain’s 200 years March to democracy and the epicentre of all the pains and pathos felt by the mankind, the People’s History Museum is a unique national museum which showcases the history of the struggle for democracy and equality in UK. The beautiful demonstration of events inside the museum would make you experience the unbearable agony and poignancy endured by the working people in Britain.
Not only have that, but also this museum is an ideal symbol and illustration for depicting the city of Manchester. While being in the museum, one living soul may take a living journey to the 200 year old struggling expeditions of the reformers, revolutionaries, voters, workers and citizens fought for the freedom of England. Other than that, there is a range of different exhibition gallery, community gallery apart from the main ones.

John Ryland’s Library

John Ryland’s LibraryOne of the oldest gem in the city of Manchester, John Ryland’s Library is a masterpiece of Victorian Gothic style of architecture and a life size accumulation of any type of book, one may ever dream of. Established on the profound memory of John Ryland, the husband of Enriqueta Augustina Ryland, this library is now a part of the University of Manchester Library. Because of the vastness, this library is now earned the position of being one of the only five libraries dedicated to National Research.
There are more than 4 million printed books and manuscripts and almost over 50000 electronic books. While being in Manchester, if you want to spend some moment with books from all religions, all dimensions and all over the world, you should not miss this place. This place is truly a paradise for all book lovers around the world.

Imperial War Museum North

Imperial War Museum NorthManchester is a place which has seen several war in its past and also gives a sense of war like feeling through its various war remnant museums. Besides the People’s History Museum, the Imperial War Museum North is one of the foremost important place which exhibits the main conflicts of the 20th century with the help of the exclusive range of displays, regular screening of short films and other weapons. While being in Manchester, to experience the true British flavours one must not forget to miss the aluminium clad building. The richness and beauty of this place will take you back to the post war days. Also formerly known as IWM North, this museum has five branches, all of them materially rich and fulfilled. Not only that, but also the architectural beauty of this museum is breath-taking and enough to give you a reason to visit this place.
Built with the motive to acknowledge people about the modern conflicts on the society, the large and profound exhibition of this museum showcases all the aspects of modern war, people's suffering and experiences due to the conflict in all fields of life and the negative issues. The different exhibitions are also s reason to visit this place.

Cloud 23

Cloud 23 ManchesterWhile in Manchester, if you do not visit Cloud 23, you trip would most probably be incomplete. Whether you love bars or not, whether you a drinker or a party lover or not, this bar is the pace you will regret if not visit once in a lifetime. This is the place you must step into after reaching Manchester. Most probably the best bar in the whole world, this bar is located at a fascinating height giving an exemplary view of the entire city. This bar has it all, one may crave for having the perfect night of his life. Time spent in this bar will give moments worth cherishing.
Perched on the 23rd floor of the England’s iconic building, one can just sit and relax with a glass of wine in his hand and enjoy the panoramic view of the bright lighted city.  As a whole, you will have the perfect rejuvenating and stress-less moment here in this bar.


Chinatown in ManchesterThe second largest China town in entire United Kingdom and the third largest in whole Europe, the Chinatown of Manchester is the second most major attractive touristy place after Cloud 23 especially amongst the food lovers. Like all other Chinatown, in Manchester the ancient Chinese community has set up their enclave, thus creating a hot popular destination for your sweet-tooth. This would be your final and most sought destination for your appetite. There is a range of vibrant food available that you will keep on eating until you fall. You will never lack of options in here.
Starting from Chinese to Thai, Japanese and Singaporean, Vietnamese and Malaysian al kind of restaurants are available here. People from different places of the world and the city come this place to try out these vibrant cuisines and also to enjoy a glimpse of China culture.

Town Hall

Town Hall ManchesterThe beautiful magnificent Victorian, neo gothic municipal building in entire Manchester, the Town Hall is truly is the most breath-taking work of ancient architectural magnificence. This truly beautiful landmark of Manchester, the town hall is the finest example of the Neo Gothic architecture. Designed by architect Alfred Waterhouse, there are many great ceremonial rooms like the Great Halls.
There are also many statues of various famous personalities like Dalton, Barbirolli and Joule in the entrance and the structure hall. It is hard to miss this epic beauty while being in the land of magnificent wonders.

Old Trafford

Old Trafford ManchesterThe land of the famous football clubs and organization, the hometown of Manchester united and Manchester city football clubs, Old Trafford is the adobe for football adrenaline junkies. The massive football stadium with an attached museum is the home of Manchester United team in Greater Manchester. It is the largest club stadium of any football team with capacity of 75,635 people in the world. It is the most successful team in England.
The nearby museum exhibits the 130 years historical events in the field of football and also make a sight of tourist interest. This stadium should be visited while in Manchester during any tournament.

Local Food to Try in Manchester

Being a cosmopolitan city and a hot tourist destination, Manchester has a massive selection of restaurants and eating joints offering a vast range of cuisines and delicacies. West Didsbury and Charlton are the two most popular and famous places to try out different types of food and pungent delicacies in the numerous eating joints. But to experience true Manchester flavours, Ramsbotton is undoubtedly the trendiest place and a paradise for all food lovers.
Other than that, one can also try out foods in different fancy restaurants like Café Rouge, Pizza Express etc. one can also find an ample number of kebabs and pizza shops jotted around the streets. Chinatown is also an ideal place for having a perfect treat.

Places to Stay in Manchester

Being a much sought touristy place there are ample number of five starts and four stars hotels available in the vicinity with elegant and luxurious facilities. One may get more affordable and budget guesthouses, small hotels and motels in the outskirt area of Manchester. Those are preferably cheaper and perfect for budget travellers.

Other than that, you can also find hotel options under YHA Manchester and Hilton Chambers.

Commuting Inside Manchester

Manchester is a place which will provide the simplest and easiest convenient way of travelling inside the city. The transportation system in Manchester is run and sponsored by TfGM which provides number of tickets giving access to cover number of places at once. While in Manchester this is most probably the most convenient and best option for travelling.

Other than that, hiring cabs from rental agencies is also an ideal mode of commotion. The tram networks in Manchester is the best modern mode of transporting in the world. They are economical and exploring city is easier.