Ladakh, “The Spiritual Landscape of High Passes”

A land made by God’s own hand. Ladakh is a place with no flaws. With excessively professed monochrome mountains and peaks jagged in such spectacularly way, Ladakh is undoubtedly a heaven rested on the Mother Earth. This sparsely populated region of Jammu and Kashmir dwelling in the Mountain ranges of Himalayas holds a sight that will make every living being on the earth to owe in appreciation.

The illuminated phantasmagorical magnificent landscapes with a mixture of high Buddhist cultural flavours invites travellers from all over the world to witness the enthralling beauty. You will be so captured and hypnotised by the elegance and quaint beauty that you are bound to have an unforgettable endless journey inside the dramatic walls of mountains. Amidst the dramatically crown rocky outcrops and whitewashed stupas and Mani walls, the spiritual message are being carried through the pleasant mountain breezes tided into the colourful vibrant prayer flags. Though due to commercialization, its original and natural beauty is decaying day to day, but still it is unreasonably the most beautiful unblemished place on the earth.

The zigzag roads through the unpredictable mountain roads offers the most overwhelming and memorable road trip of one’s life. You will become a worshipper of nature after being in this heavenly place. A road trip from Manali to Leh-Ladakh now a days has become one of the traveller’s must do list due to its prismatic beauty. As well as Ladakh is one of the recognized solo travellers’ destination in India.


Pangong Lake

Situated in the magnificent mountain ranges of Himalayas, Pangong Lake is one of the most famous and pristine sparkling blue lake that holds the main attraction of Ladakh. Extended from India to Tibet, this lake has become one of the popular and sought after touristy destination. During winter this lake gets freeze completely in spite of its salinity.

For many movies this lake is the hot spot because of its endless enchanting beauty. This pristine and blue colour surrounded by unblemished beauty make it essential for every tourist to visit this place at least once travelling to Leh. Other than that, this lake is also a nest for many migrating birds like ducks and gulls in summer. Occasionally one can also spot wild ass or a marmot a brownish rodent besides the impeccable beauty. The serene and tranquillity of this place embezzle tourists’ attention the most making it a paradise for tourists.

Shanti Stupa

Shanti StupaOne of the magnificent Tibetan structures ever build in Tibetan history, the Shanti Stupa is a wonder of unimaginable structural and architectural beauty. Dedicated to Buddhism, this white dome structure is so beautifully crafted that it has become one of the major tourist attraction of this region. Surrounded by the marvellous mountain ranges, the splendid dome is a religious significance and a landmark of the ties between Japan and India.

Built as a part of peace pagoda mission, this incredible white structure aims in spreading peach and the teachings of Buddha and Buddhism culture. During night this Shanti Stupa elevates to another level of beauty and charisma especially during the full moon. The entire stupa becomes illuminated by the moonlight.

Leh Palace

leh palaceOne of the most historically enriched Palace of Kashmir, The Leh Palace is so magnificent in nature that it stands like a beast in the Himalayas. Built by the 17th Century King Sengge Namgyal, this palace offers outstanding view of the magnificent Himalayan Ranges and the beautiful Leh Town. This Palace is located in a very strategic position which now mostly in ruins. This ancient pride is adorned with Buddha relics, paintings, old utensils, cutlery used by the royal family and artefact making the walls beautiful.

Though reserving process is going on to save this massive palace, still this palace lights up at special occasions to celebrate local festivals.

Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri LakeLike Pangong Tso Lake, Tso Moriri Lake also offers one of the most scenic and pleasant beauty surrounded by the barren hills and snow covered mountains. Though this lake is not much known and less commercialized, there are little stalls of Maggi and tea. This lake is 100 feet average in depth and is a wetland reserve.

This tranquil, secluded place is home to many species of birds included bare-headed goose, the great-crested grebe, the Brahmin duck and the brown-headed gull. Because of the height this lake is called as the Mountain Lake shutting its access from the outer world.

Nubra Valley

Nubra ValleyA lush green vegetation in Ladakh’s Dessert, Nubra Valley is a moonlike landscape with slopes and rivers. Tucked between the Karakoram Range, this valley is completely hued in pink and yellow roses. In autumn plethora number of wild lavender flowers can be seen almost everywhere.


Ladakh’s platter serves multiple cuisines including Indian, Tibetan, Chinese and even Korean. Influenced by foreign cuisine, the local dishes like Thukpa, noodle soup, Tsampa, and Skyu, a heavy pasta dish with plenty of veggies and delicious Momos, steamed dumplings stuffed with vegetables or meat are the must try for visitors here. Tea, coffee, beer and Changs are the beverages you can try here while drinking occasionally.


Roaming and wondering around the places here is certainly a pleasure. Road trips whereas are the main attraction. Other than that, buses, taxis and motorcycles are available widely to commute freely inside the Ladakh.


There are so many places and hotels where one can stay while enjoying the charismatic backdrops and scenery. Among the hotels Thongsal Hotel,The Grand Dragon and Hotel City Palace are the famous ones. The service provided here are highly polished comfortable and arranged in luxurious and tourist friendly way. Budget and cheaper hotels are also available here in large number here.